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“Starting the New Season as Dance Captain”

The start of a new dance season is always something to look forward to. This past summer, I was able to take classes during our Intensive week in August, along with the strength and conditioning classes this studio offers during the months we have off. I always find myself striving to complete as many of these classes as possible, because I know that they will benefit me for the upcoming season. After a relaxing summer vacation, I always find myself eager to work and learn. Coming back to classes not only allows me to start dancing again, but allows everyone in this studio to create new friendships. As a class assistant, I really enjoy meeting the new classes I get to spend the next year with. All of the young dancers are always so excited to meet their dance teachers and create new friends. When I was younger, I was very shy and had trouble making friends. Dance always played a huge part in me learning how to communicate and work well with others. Because of this, it is very fulfilling to see all dance students grow and become more confident through dance class.

This year, I am lucky enough to take on the role of being “Company Captain.” Last year, my very close friend, Elissa Perez, was the captain of our competition team, and she was very good at keeping everything in order. She just graduated high school, and continues to inspire me to have a conscientious drive just like hers. I am thrilled to receive this position because I love the feeling of being a leader. It makes me feel that I have something to be very passionate about and on top of. Already a very organized and determined dancer, I know that being captain will allow me to be there for all of the dancers here at The Next Step School of Dance. My goal for this year is to bring everyone even closer and rise as one. Unity demonstrates strength, and my dance family is my second family. With our passion and support for each other, I see tremendous success in our future. But, for now, here’s to a new dance season!

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