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Let The Legacy Continue!

As 2021 came to a close Miss Bonnie sent out this message to our NSSD Families:

As we begin to reflect on our progress over the year in accomplishing our goals. My goal for the studio every year is simple: to provide quality dance instruction to our students; to provide a place for employees of the studio to grow and inspire our students but also to have a place of employment where they feel encouraged and supported to follow their dreams; and to provide a place for our community to feel they are a part of our studio family.

Every dancer who walks through the studio doors is full of hopes and dreams and one such dancer walked into the studio 26 years ago and her desire to dance would grow stronger each and every year. She has a passion to teach and encourage and it’s seen by everyone who knows her. On January 3rd this dancer will fulfill her dream of owning her own dance studio.

“The end of one step is the beginning of the next”, I re-named the studio 12 years ago as we transitioned to my full ownership of the studio. My husband and family built this studio for me as I was fulfilling my own dream that was started from the first day I walked into the dance studio and put on my first pair of ballet shoes. This has been a family business since my children were small and my husband, sons and future daughter-in-law have supported me and the studio for 23 years, I’m so thankful for all they have done for me. I’m so grateful to my mom who saw the need to have her shy, quiet young daughter begin dance lessons. This has been my path for so many years, it’s been my life.

I couldn’t be happier to have a dancer and friend continue the journey for The Next Step School of Dance. As of January 3rd, Miss Julie will be your new Artistic Director/Owner of the dance studio. I am so proud of all we have accomplished here and have completely felt the love of our dance community and I have no doubt that you will give Miss Julie the same grace you have given me for so many years.

It also brings me great joy to announce our new NSSD Dance Company Director. Miss Christine will be taking over for Miss Crystal on/or around February 1st. Miss Crystal has been a true friend to me and I have enjoyed working side by side with her for so many years. She has embraced the More Than Just Great Dancing culture and has led our company dancers to see that it’s not just dancing that’s important but training our students to be well-rounded individuals who have a love for their community. Miss Crystal will always keep NSSD close to her heart and will continue to support our dancers from her new home in Maryland. She has been working alongside Miss Christine, for several months to prepare her, and she will always just be a phone call away.

For myself, I will be continuing on throughout this dance season to assist Miss Julie with the transition. I look forward to my final recital and for the many farewells but I’m also looking forward to seeing the studio from someone else’s vision. Next season, the studio will celebrate 50 years!! I can only imagine which little girl or boy will begin to dream the same dreams that we have.


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