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Juggling Dance and School

Being a member of The Next Step School of Dance Teen Company, Pre-Professional Company, and in several other select groups is hard work. Managing school and dance is very time consuming and sometimes a bit overwhelming. As The Next Step School of Dance Company team captain and the president of my school I have a lot on my plate. From memorizing every detail in many dances, to running official meetings in my school, my work never stops. On top of all of this I manage to keep my grades up with several honors and AP (advanced placement) courses. Also I am a senior in high school, meaning college applications are a constant worry. Balancing all of my schoolwork and dance responsibilities is tough but with the right mindset possible.

Although this seems like a lot to handle, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself balanced. I have a planner where I keep all of my meetings and dance classes etc. written down where I always have access to them. Keeping a planner is a great way to stay organized with all of the different schedules you may have. Another way to keep balanced, is to breathe. It may seem silly at first but when you are going from place to place you often skip over time to relax or unwind. I’ve learned that keeping your brain on overload, never giving yourself a break will increase stress. Lastly, you have to plan your work and work your plan. This saying is one my teacher from school says that I live by. If you take the time to plan your schedule out you must stick to it. Procrastinating and skipping over things will ruin the flow of having a set routine.

Being a senior is a blast. People often say that senior year is the best year and I might have to agree. Applying to colleges and narrowing down what you want to do may seem scary but it is all worth it once it is all set. Receiving letters of acceptances from colleges you dreamed about going to is the most invigorating experience. Feeling accomplished is all a senior wants. To all the students or dancers who are struggling with balancing school and work just know it can be done. Never give up because you never know what you could have missed out on if you just throw in the towel. Being persistent and determined is the key to success. If you stay on task and believe in yourself anything is possible.

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