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Welcome Back to Classes!

Waving goodbye to summer and saying hello to a new school year is bittersweet. Though having drop-in classes over the summer and the intensive week in August, it was so nice to return to a weekly dance schedule with my best friends. Several renovations were made to the building, including beautiful new flooring and a new countertop for viewing in the main lobby. New NSSD wear is ready for purchase and I already have a list going of the new items I plan on putting on my Christmas list. Aside from the flooring and new shirts, there are several new teachers we have to welcome to our dance family. Their excitement, energy, and creativity is a wonderful addition to the studio.

New students are adjusting to their classes and forming strong friendships with many of our veteran dancers. Classes are in full swing, and everyone from the light pink classes to our Teen Company is excited to be back at the barre. Many students, myself included, have learned new choreography and are already excited for our performances at competitions and recital. This season is going to be a great one, and teachers and student alike hope to keep this excitement and energy going through the dance season.

Ava - Teen Company Member
Author: Ava R.

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