Teen Dance Classes


Membership Fee (Yearly)

$40.00 for families with one student;

$55.00 for families with 2 or more students

Tuition for One 30 Minute Subject:

Per Month: $33.00 (10 monthly installments - 34 Lesson Season)

= Total Yearly Tuition: $330.00 


Tuition for One 45 Minute Subject:

Per Month: $57.00 (10 monthly installments - 34 Lesson Season)

= Total Yearly Tuition: $570.00 

Class Information

45 Minute Class That Meets Once a Week



Leotard and Pink Tights 

Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes

Tap: Black Tie Tap Shoes
Lyrical: 1/2 Piroutte Shoes
Pointe: Pointe Shoes

Jazz/Hip Hop: Black Glitter Pie Glam Sneaker

Classical Ballet: 
Classical Ballet is a precise discipline where dancers learn technique for posture, body alignment and grace.
Lyrical is a fusion of classical ballet, modern ballet and jazz.
Pointe is offered to more advanced classical ballet dancers who are encouraged to pursue their ballet training on pointe shoes.
*Must be tested before placement.
Tap is a fast-paced, fun subject where dancers learn to “strike their foot on the floor” and to move their feet rhythmically to upbeat music tempos.
Jazz/Hip Hop: 
Jazz programs are specifically designed according to each class level, using ballet barre work, center floor work, turns, leaps and jumps. Jazz encompasses many sharp and controlled movements, from funk video-style to Broadway-style dance. Hip Hop encompasses the latest video-style hip hop moves performed to today’s upbeat music.


Business Hours
Monday: 3:00-8:30pm
Tuesday: 3:00-8:30pm
Wednesday: 3:00-8:30pm
Thursday: 3:00-8:3

Friday: 3:00-8:30pm

Saturday: 8:30-2:30pm

Sunday: Closed

*Due To COVID 19, please contact us before coming to studio.*

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