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Adventures In Dance
Ages: 2.5-3.5

Membership Fee (Yearly)
BASIC: $50.00 for families with one student;
$70.00 for families with 2 or more students
.00 for families with one student; 
$90.00 for families with 2 or more students

Per Month: $67.00 (10 Installments - 34 Lesson Season)
Total Yearly Tuition: $670.00 

Class Information
45 Minute Class That Meets Once a Week

Light Pink Leotard and Pink Tights 
Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes


Adventures in Dance is a creative movement class, which uses a variety of dance and tumbling techniques to enable the young dancer to develop motor skills, listening skills, strength, agility, timing, and coordination using props. Using different musical themes encourages creative expression.

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